Root Image Processing Lab
Plant and Soil Science Department
Michigan State University
Director Dr. Alvin Smucker

(c), 1996, Board of Trustees, Michigan State University

Author: Vera Bakic


WR-RIPL 2.0 is a program for measuring the root length from the images of washed roots. Washed roots are obtained either by growing roots in the water, or by taking the roots from the ground, and washing them from all the soil and removing the debris. Clean roots are then taped and images are obtained from the video tape. WR-RIPL 2.0 is based on the previous program for measuring the root length from the washroots images developed earlier using the VICOM image processor at Michigan State University.

The input images for WR-RIPL should be grayscale, with dark roots on light background. The images size used was 512x384 pixels and 640x480 pixels.

Results for the selected images

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